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sanstehperson Gifted Writer First rule of 2021, never mention 2020-

caught the fresh virus mah homies.

i got the radical virus that mah homie @gachauwu. gonna tag that diggity d*mn fresh homie in the comments

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tipsie Commaful Star dā‚’ā‚™ā‚œ yā‚‘ā‚—ā‚— ā‚ā‚œ ā‚˜ā‚‘ ||| Mew, they/them

Me: wow BTS is so kind, generous, and hardworking

BTS: *Releases like 10000 content when im asleep* Me: hOW COULD U DO THIS TO ME I THOUGHT WE WERE HOMIES ISTG-

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aditibhardwaj2 Community member


We all make mistakes in our lives.... but what if we just accept everyone with their flaws šŸ˜„

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