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rubixcube89201 Commabassador Just a cube that can write.

Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You

In which each click makes the narrator fall deeper in love with you and closer to the end of the story.

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wethedreamers Commabassador And we're a million miles away.

To The One Who Loves Him Next

Kiss him for me, won't you?

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awkwardalien Gifted Writer just here for The Gay™

A Letter from Joshua

Dear Human (follow him and his sister on instagram jojo.and.joshua)

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dissonance Gifted Writer everything in you is a lost dream

Darling, won't you feel human with me?

Fun Fact- That's my hand. Being human means accepting and feeling every emotion within you. Do not deny or abuse your emotions and what you feel so strongly. It's what makes you human, what makes yo...

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lisa Commabassador Cats

The Escaped Man

The rain was falling heavily. It was like driving through a thick curtain of water. He eased off the accelerator a little. Had to be careful driving on wild nights like these. The las thing you’d want...

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aknier Gold Comma I need story prompts-send me some words!

I Can't Believe You're Mine

Cute love story set in autumn. Fiction.

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aquiveringly a wattpader who turns pain into words.


every time I look up at the sky, i think of every moment spent with you. the colour reminds me of your eyes, And my bruised hips; just a darker blue

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batman I'm the hero commaful needs

I'm Batman

I noticed that Commaful doesn't have a crime fighter yet So here I am

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janaemitchell Verified YA Author & Random Awkward Dancer

Can You Hear Me?

A Ghost Story

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mipoet Commaful Star My psychiatrist says he'd vote for me.
10 hours ago
Never Mine poem stories

Never Mine

I crave her caress. Desire her love.

in Commaful Star My bio is never interesting enough. ^^
a day ago

summer's invitation summer stories

summer's invitation

This poem is about body image and the view we have...

one_heartbeat words are meant to drown🥀
3 days ago
Side effects. feelings stories

Side effects.

About things kept on the inside and things given...

stadarooni Gifted Writer Empathy is the human superpower.
2 days ago
Flowerbeds of Fairies light stories

Flowerbeds of Fairies

Can neon nights dream, too?

artizi Gifted Writer
12 hours ago
The voices made me do it horror stories

The voices made me do it

It's the end... but how could I have known the voi...

alinashahid 13 years old,7th grade student
2 days ago
Story of a Blind love lo ve stories

Story of a Blind love

There was a blind girl who hated herself just beca...

s0me0ne Letting it all hang out... anonymously
2 days ago
Wrong sex stories


She is wrong. Forbidden. But I can't stop this fee...

in Commaful Star My bio is never interesting enough. ^^
14 hours ago

young hummingbird  flesh stories

young hummingbird

A poem about nervous habits and thoughts. Thank yo...

gemuarius im a beginner
7 hours ago

       The Emptiness Within Me selfharm stories

The Emptiness Within Me

TW, self harm, depression This is my first poem ...

in Commaful Star My bio is never interesting enough. ^^
3 days ago

a thousand more book stories

a thousand more

A poem about the mark we leave on the world when w...

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