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rubixcube89201CommabassadorJust a cube that can write.
Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You love stories

Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You

In which each click makes the narrator fall deeper in love with you and closer to the end of the story.
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awkwardalienGifted Writerjust here for The Gay™
A Letter from Joshua sweet stories

A Letter from Joshua

Dear Human (follow him and his sister on instagram jojo.and.joshua)
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wethedreamersCommabassadorAnd we're a million miles away.
To The One Who Loves Him Next sorry stories

To The One Who Loves Him Next

Kiss him for me, won't you?
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dissonanceGifted WriterAnd everything in you is a dream
Darling, won't you feel human with me?  love stories

Darling, won't you feel human with me?

Fun Fact- That's my hand. Being human means accepting and feeling every emotion within you. Do not deny or abuse your emotions and what you feel so strongly. It's what makes you human, what makes yo...
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The Escaped Man breakout stories

The Escaped Man

The rain was falling heavily. It was like driving through a thick curtain of water. He eased off the accelerator a little. Had to be careful driving on wild nights like these. The las thing you’d want...
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aknierGold CommaI need story prompts-send me some words!
I Can't Believe You're Mine kiss stories

I Can't Believe You're Mine

Cute love story set in autumn. Fiction.
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aquiveringlya wattpader who turns pain into words.
blue stories


every time I look up at the sky, i think of every moment spent with you. the colour reminds me of your eyes, And my bruised hips; just a darker blue
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janaemitchellVerifiedYA Author & Random Awkward Dancer
Can You Hear Me? ghosts stories

Can You Hear Me?

A Ghost Story
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batmanI'm the hero commaful needs
I'm Batman fanfic stories

I'm Batman

I noticed that Commaful doesn't have a crime fighter yet So here I am
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skyeCommaful StarEveryone has their struggles.
17 hours ago

                         All Alone sadness stories

All Alone

When emotions are all mushy like a butter stick on...

inCommaful StarBow ties are cool. So are sociopaths.
19 hours ago

A Dance With Dusk zombies stories

A Dance With Dusk

I *tried* to write a piece that was deceptive. As ...

stevewaldropCommaful StarStoryteller, Poet
a day ago
Whisper Your Secrets love stories

Whisper Your Secrets

Whisper your secrets Soft and low beneath the star...

badlands17Gifted WriterAn average 19 yo guy going through life
16 hours ago
Sea breeze relationship stories

Sea breeze

You made me fall in love at the beach and you brok...

soothrainGifted Writerbe a pineapple, crown atop, sweet within
a day ago
The evil within dark stories

The evil within

A poem inspired by the game "the evil within", thn...

chhr2103Silver CommaSunshine all day long! 🌇
a day ago

                        My heart tanka stories

My heart

Short Tanka for today! 😄

hanniecakesGifted WriterWhat more could I lose?
a day ago
Baby Girl poetry stories

Baby Girl

"You're my baby girl, the other half to my heart"....

moonyjostenGifted WriterEmotionally unstable fox
3 days ago

                • Self control • story stories

• Self control •

''Can you tell him instead?'' Title image is from ...

inCommaful StarBow ties are cool. So are sociopaths.
3 days ago

You Should See Me In A Crown hate stories

You Should See Me In A Crown

A poem inspired by some of Billie Eilish's lyrics ...

dogslinwriter1Gifted WriterSilence is my favorite sound
19 hours ago
Coincidence light stories


This is a shortie. I'll probably be posting lesser...

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