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World's First Automatic Story Trailers

Turn your writing into "trailers" that share perfectly into any social media! Commaful AUTOMATICALLY makes short video clips and photosets of your stories that can be shared directly to your fans on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more at the tap of a button. Trailers are designed to look amazing and help your stories reach the most people possible!


Publish Your Stories In Seconds

Type some text or paste some past work, tap a few buttons, and BOOM! Your work is available across our app, website, and more! One of the fastest ways to share your writing online and keep your online fans happy, even when you're busy!

"Commaful is a great story writing platform which is quick and easy for those that like to write in between their busy lives! It's quick and easy to make a story and the support from the community makes it all worthwhile! 😊"


Build Your Audience

Commaful stories reach millions of people every month and is a powerful way to build a following. Watch your following grow as more and more people fall in love with your creations!