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rosarlei 👊

                                       T o   U p h e l l

C o m p e l l e d    tape stories

T o U p h e l l C o m p e l l e d

"Whatever you do in life, just don't be a filthy casual." D: Are you trying to present your own statements as ancient wisdom? T: I would never do that. To you.

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_army_Community member

                                                    He is...  army stories

He is...

He is... [Original by me] Tip: It'll be better if you read slowly and take in the words my heart. It'll help more with the "story". Thanks! :D 4/26/18

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I need to go to bed soon but I’m thinking about Time right now It’s tough, ever since they first randomly popped into my head I haven’t known what to do with them. By lucoffeeo https://lucoffeeo.tumbl...

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