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Re-read this and still adorable, applicable, and has a writer worthy of the boops 🐾

A Wise Doggo Shares his Infinite Knowledge

People say I act like I know everything. I don't act; it's just the truth!

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Beautiful portrayal of the essence or basis of many things

Warped Reality

Hope you enjoy <3

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Very good points! Commaful is getting better but a reminder about how things have been and can still be, and how to prevent that, is always a good thing! 🎤

Just a quick PSA

Hey kiddos, I just wanted to talk to y'all about something kind of important. Please do not try and gate keep commaful. You did not create the site and you do not get to say what is allowed to be post...

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The multitude of ideas on this are fabulous and, though it is short, it gives plenty of info on various genders and a slight stereotype of a couple of them, helping one to get an idea of how some peop... Read More

Story Idea Maybe...?

Oop, should I? (Last Picture)

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Interesting contest.. could definitely help more lesser known creators to be known

Pros vs. Schmos!

DM me if you're interested in being a part of this!

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Cute, kind of funny and in a sense, very profound when you think about it!

My First Ever Poem

This powerful poem has been cast aside for too long. || For exclusive content and perks, check out my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/bruvton

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A few slides can say many things, just remember that

I Assure You

A Meaningful Poem, I made! Let me know how you like it!

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Shouting this out to save it... Also, a pretty good piece!

Why do you want to be my friend?

Based on my real feelings

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Just saw this for the first time and well, happy belated birthday Alex! And to all reading this, be prepared for laughter (:

Happy Birthday Alex!

A Happy Birthday wish from us!

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Shouting this out to save it- really good and easy-to-relate-to piece!

Of A Fragile Heart

Once I've leant you my heart, handle with care. It can easily be broken.

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